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For years the great pumpkin/golf ball had stood as a landmark in north Oshawa signalling to motorists they had arrived in the Motor City on their return from places north. It’s most recent iteration was as the home of Oshawa Creek Family Golf centre at 1569 Simcoe St. N.

Early one September morning the giant orb went up in flames. The property had long sat vacant, the hydro and gas shut off in anticipation of demolition. One could be forgiven for speculating the great pumpkin hadn’t burst into flames on its own, but likely had a little help from human interlopers.

It was a sad ending for a property that holds fond childhood memories for many of us in Durham Region.

How ironic that just a week prior to the fire, I received an e-mail from Darryl Taylor of Oshawa seeking my help in finding historic photos of a speedway that once operated on the site.